Friday, June 17, 2011


Boy, am I ready for the weekend or what??

The last few weeks have been intensely crazy. My oldest graduated from school and has committed to a GAP program to serve in Costa Rica with missionaries. My second oldest just got his first job and is starting to understand the words, "i just walked in the door....can i just relax for a few minutes?" My dear daughter is perplexed on life and how to handle all the drama between friends. My youngest just got his summer mohawk and is precious (as always).I am almost done with school....Praise the Lord! Only 6 more courses and I can close this chapter in my life. I look forward to having some of my time back...studying takes up A LOT of it. If I keep up the pace I'm at now, then I may be able to graduate Magna cum laude....yipee! We'll see--the last several courses are going to be very difficult and time consuming.

Well...I'm signing off for now--homework is waiting!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Back in the Saddle

Well--it's been almost a YEAR since I posted anything. Seriously?? Wow.... Life is just whipping past me!

I am starting up again and will (hopefully) do a better job of updating (who am I kidding?).

Updated facts:
1. Celebrating my 42nd this year
2. Still married to the most wonderful man in the universe
3. Oldest son graduated last week and will be taking a 9-month mission trip to Costa Rica
4. Next oldest son is a senior this year
5. Baby girl will be a freshman at Rowlett High
6. Baby boy is going into 2nd grade
7. Will be completing my degree in May 2012---only six courses left! Yea!
8. Still love my church
9. My baby brother and his family have moved back home
10. Still gaining weight --- Boo!
11. Still trying to lose weight --- Boo!
12. God loves me anyway

Will update more later....can't give you too much too soon..... ha!

(not so) fitafter4

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shake it like a polaroid picture.....

For those music buffs, such as myself, I assume you KNOW where I got the title of today's posting......right?!?!? If you are not so "dope" as me (that means cool BTW), you should google it and feel enlightened. LOL

Update on weight loss and workout regiment:

Still losing (not enough) and loving my workouts. I am running every other day and doing cardio and strength training in between. So weird---I HATE to sweat normally, but LOVE to sweat when I work out--- go figure.

Oh well.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It has officially begun!

I'm {officially} back to running.

The word "officially" is in brackets due to my enormously out-of-shape self.

I started with the 1/1 scenario (one minute run; one minute walk) and did 3 miles last night. Wow--believe it or not, it was a bit easier than I had expected! The treadmill is usually more difficult for me as opposed to running outside due to the "boredem" I experience while running in place for 45 minutes. However, given the 100+ degrees outside, I can deal with my mundane surroundings. [smile]

Speaking of 100+ degrees....summer is here in full force! And with the heat comes our annual mohawk hairstyles. Jake's mohawk is about 6 inches high and black and gold; and Nick's is about 3 inches with a touch of green. I have become the family hairstylist...and have become well-versed in liberty spikes and french braids (ha!).

Our family just returned from a WONDERFUL vacation with 19 of my family members, including my parents, my siblings and their families. A great time was had by all. In fact, it's amazing how well we all get along. All the cousins are very close and they take good care of each other. We played lots of games, played golf, swam, etc.

Here are a few pictures.

I am definitely blessed to have the family that I have.....



Monday, June 21, 2010

Vacation is over...


I'm back up a couple of pounds---but this is I'm not too upset. Started running again, so it should start declining.

Signed up for a 10K in September....Yikes!!

Thursday, June 03, 2010